About Us

OSullivan Green Solar is a professional solar panel installation and financing company serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, and prove it through a transparent sales and education process about the benefits of going solar. We strive to give back to our community through employment, solar power education, and local community involvement in the South Bay area.

We partner with families to bring them the solar power system they want for their homes and it is our mission to under-promise and over-deliver. How? Through taking care of all the little details like the simplicity of returning a phone call within hours, involving you in all the decisions and keeping you informed.

OSullivan Green Solar offers Bay Area homeowners a bright, economical and renewable energy alternative, through the installation of affordable home solar power systems.


shamrockWe believe in the 3 Greens:
Go Green: Install solar and help our environment
Act Green: Be part of the renewable revolution to save our planet
Save Green: We offer you saving from day 1 over your utility bills



We offer a full range of innovative solar energy solutions to streamline the process of designing and installing a solar power system that reduces or eliminates your electricity dependence on the grid.

Your solar panel system is matched to your home’s physical requirements and tailored to your green energy goals reducing or eliminating your electricity dependence on the grid.

Our job is not done:

Through our partnerships we will monitor your solar heating system continuously and inform you of any issues.

We will also provide you with one customer service phone number to answer any of your questions and concerns.