Play a Role in a Solar Energy Future.

There is no doubt that society is speeding up its efforts to make the planet cleaner and greener for generations to come. Both the public and private sectors have made energy sustainability a priority in recent years. And now that there are solar  incentives and tax credits (both federal and state) that make residential solar power more affordable than ever, Bay Area homeowners can make a difference by switching to renewable energy today.

By choosing OSullivan Green Solar, you’ll be playing a critical role in our renewable energy future:

Solar Solutions:

  • Create clean, renewable solar power that will sustain and support the environment for future generations.
  • Support national energy independence because solar power is used where it is generated.
  • Create local jobs for the burgeoning Bay Area solar energy industry. In fact, solar energy creates more jobs per megawatt hour than any other energy type.

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Go Green, Act Green, Save Green