Obtaining PG&E Usage History.

In order to provide you with an accurate size for your solar power system, we will need your power usage for the past 12 months. Follow the link and instructions below to get that information from PG&E. This process should only take a few minutes and will save you hours of looking for old utility bills.

Its very simple. Type in www.pge.com/greenbutton and follow the instructions, on your first visit you will need to register.

What is Green Button Download My Data?

Customers can access the last 13 months of their electric usage data through Green Button Download My Data.

How do I access Green Button Download My Data?

Customers need to have a My Energy account and an electric SmartMeter™ connected to the network.
  • Click on the My Usage tab.
  • Click on the Green Button icon and select your download format.
  • Download the file and use the file yourself or send it to a third-party service provider.

What is Green Button Connect My Data (Beta)



Green Button Connect My Data (Beta) gives customers greater control over your SmartMeter™ electric usage data. Green Button Connect My Data (Beta) is a software interface that allows PG&E customers to easily share their electric usage data with other companies and third-party service providers. These companies can then analyze your data in unique ways to help you save energy.

This information can be e-mailed to (info@osullivangreensolar.com).

If you don’t have your PG&E power usage available, you can make a rough estimate based on the area of the residence. Roughly, it takes about 1 kW for every 500 sq ft of living space. There are many factors that may change this such as: pool equipment, A/C usage, whether or not someone is home during the day, etc.