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The OSullivan Green Solar Solution

Affordable Bay Area Solar Installation

Smart homeowners know solar offers an economical power source with clear environmental benefits, but the perceived upfront cost of buying and installing a system keeps many from committing. OSullivan Green Solar offers a bright, economical and differentiated alternative for Bay Area homeowners - a high quality, affordable home solar system. We offer options to fit every budget, from cash to multiple loans programs providing risk-free and worry-free access to solar today.

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Protecting Your Bay Area Solar Investment


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Why Solar Panels? Why Now?


The future of solar power is now. Tax credits, solar power incentives, and rebates exist at the federal, state, and local level making it a perfect time to invest in solar energy for your home.

California is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year and the best solar potential in the nation. What better way to harness a natural resource than with photovoltaics? With innovative state legislation, California is poised to continue as the national leader in renewable energy production. You can help make a difference!

In addition, it makes economic sense. At this time, rebates and tax credits provide economic incentives to go solar. Homeowners will enjoy ongoing savings over the lifetime of their solar electric system.


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